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We are thrilled to welcome James Jones, a seasoned expert in the field, who will be sharing invaluable insider tips and strategies. This 90-minute session is your gateway to mastering the art of estimating, ensuring you submit bids that are not only competitive but also profitable.

Here’s why this class is a must-attend:

  • Expert Insights: James Jones brings years of experience to the table. Learn from the best in the business.
  • Practical Tips: Get hands-on advice that you can immediately apply to your bidding process.
  • Boost Profits: Understand the nuances of estimating to ensure your bids are profitable without undercutting your potential.
  • Time Efficient: Invest just 90 minutes of your day to gain knowledge that will benefit you for a lifetime.

This is more than just a class; it’s an investment in your professional growth. Don’t let this chance slip by! Join us today at 6 PM and start making every bid count.

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