Ohio Business Development Center’s (OBDC) announces a special initiative for Black History Month – the “Empower & Build” training series. This series is a unique chance for Black contractors and construction materials suppliers in Central Ohio to advance their professional skills and network.

About the Series: The “Empower & Build” series, happening throughout February 2024, is designed to engage 50 professionals in a variety of training sessions. These sessions include critical topics like Certification 101, Blueprint Reading, Real Estate strategies, and much more. It’s an opportunity not only for skill enhancement but also for meaningful networking and community building.

Why It Matters: This series aligns perfectly with OhioMBE’s mission to support and advocate for the success of minority businesses. By participating in “Empower & Build,” professionals can gain valuable tools and resources to propel their businesses forward.

Your Role:

  • Stay Informed: Keep an eye on upcoming sessions and details by visiting our website and following our social media pages.
  • Spread the Word: Share this opportunity with peers, colleagues, and anyone who could benefit from this training series.
  • Participate and Grow: We encourage you to register for the sessions that align with your business needs and interests.

Registration and Details: For more information and to secure your spot in the “Empower & Build” series, please visit OHBDC.org

We believe that the “Empower & Build” series is a step towards creating a stronger, more skilled, and united Black business community in Central Ohio. Your participation and support can make a significant difference.

Together, let’s make this Black History Month a transformative period for our community!

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